Hibiscus Flower
High in Vitamin C
Lowers Blood Pressure
Lavender Lemonade

Ginger Berry
High in Vitamin A
Boosts Immune System  |  (415) 421-1000


​   Original                          Lavender Lemonade

   Black Currant                 Hibiscus Flower

​   Ginger Root                     Watermelon Basil

   Strawberry Mint              Fresh Mint

   Ginger Berry                   Coconut 

   Beet Orange

   Dry (No additional Flavor, great for mixture drinks)

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Original "Green Tea"
Rich in Antioxidants
We offer Kombucha in 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg. 

Lev's Original Kombucha Shrub



Watermelon Basil

​Lev's Original Kombucha Tea (Bulk)


Strawberry Mint

Black Currant

Black Currant
Rich in Antioxidants
Award Winning

​Lev's Original Kombucha Tea


Ginger Root
Boosts Immune System
  • For centuries, vinegar has been used for various remedies and consuming purposes.
  • The most popular vinegar in the natural health community is Apple Cider Vinegar...but we now introduce our Kombucha Vinegar.
  • It is claimed to lead to all sorts of beneficial effects... some of which are supported by science.
  • It is also an ancient folk remedy, claimed to help with all sorts of health problems.
  • Enjoy this shrub with your favorite cocktail or sparkling water!
Fresh Mint
Supports Healthy Digestion